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Cigarette testing instrument


Latest company news about Cigarette testing instrument

In October 2023, Chengdu Libre technology LTD reached a cooperation agreement with Chengdu Retool to sell all testing


equipment owned by Retool overseas.


Retool main products include all kinds of physical parameter testing instruments for cigarettes/filter rods, online automatic


sampling and testing systems for cigarettes/filter rods, testing instruments for various raw and auxiliary materials, and testing


instruments and automation equipment for new materials such as cigarette capsule products. They all have a high market


share in China


The company strictly implements IS09001, IS014001, IS045001, and other standards. All products are designed according to


national and industrial standards and specifications. All key components and parts products are from international famous


brands. The comprehensive quality of products has reached the international level. Product quality, installation and


commissioning, personnel training, after-sales service are guaranteed users.

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