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Circular knife for Hauni Straw Maker


Latest company news about Circular knife for Hauni Straw Maker

Paper straw cutting circular knives are used on paper straw production machinery. Regulations restricting single-use plastics have been issued by many countries. With the booming of biodegradable paper drink straws, the need for paper straw making machine and paper straw cutting blades are increasing rapidly. In close cooperation with paper straw machinery manufacturers and paper straw production factories, we better understand the particular characteristics paper straw cutting blades should have, and keep in stock the most commonly used sizes.


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Hauni Straw Maker-The world's fastest paper straw maker


The HSM (Hauni Straw Maker) produces visually appealing paper straws at a hitherto unparalleled speed of up to 300 m/min. Its high level of automation ensures above-average quality and an efficiency of more than 90 percent (OEE). At a speed of 300 m per minute, this means you can produce up to 1.8 million straws @ 200mm length during three-shift operation.


Lowest production cost per straw


Paper and glue consumption have been optimized by up to 50% thanks to the linear two-layer production process. Automatic paper feed as well as other innovative automation standards also mean that the machine only requires one operator. One person can even operate two lines.


Technology proven worldwide


For five years now, 30 machines similar to the HSM have been used by the international tobacco industry to produce special filters. The technology, already established in the marketplace and tested under real conditions, has now been adapted to produce high-quality paper straws, thereby offering an expertise-based, robust solution for the future.


Technical Benefits (Maker)

  • Up to 300 meters/minute for fastest paper straw making
  • Up to 90% of efficiency
  • Up to 50% less glue
  • No need of additional slip additives (vegetable oils, etc.) and no additional heat treatment to cure the glue
  • High level of automatization: less man power needed
  • Automatic splice detection & rejection
  • 1 type of paper needed: online cutting to get 2 layers
  • Diameter/ length change in 8h/1h
  • 24/7 service worldwide

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