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March 10, 2021

Hauni Protos New Design Performance-Improved Suction Drum

Performance-Improved Series Protos making lines

Tipping drum with cutting knife separated from suction plates, knives being separated from suction plates prolongs the working life to 4 times longer! 


For most suction drums (with cutting knives) in the market, the knives are combined with suction plates. In the production process, you need dismantle the whole out smoothly. The drum need to be repaired or just throw away. Normally, the working life of this kind of drum is just around 4500 hours. 


Tipping drum with cutting knives separated from suction plates adopted a new design. As showed in the picture, the cutting knives are not combined with suction plates anymore, they are separated and working side by side. (the cutting knives now are reversible and have four cutting edges) The changed design makes the suction plate work under a sole purpose (absorb the tipping paper), and be no longer easy to break. The reversible cutting knife could be used as four brand new knives by turning one side up after another when the working side gets blunt or breaks. So reversible cutting knife has a working life four times longer (as long as appx. 18,000 hours) than the normal one-edge knife, and also owns a more precise and reasonable cutting angle. And as a result, the spare part cost is reduced and the mentainance period is extended. 


Easy to Mentain and Stable in Performance

For the new kind of drum, you do not have to tear apart the whole drum when you need replace the blunt knives, and you just need turn up another side of the cutting edge and then relocate the knife on the drum. It helps shorten the stop-time. How good you mount the knife onto the drum is decided by the precision of the drum and the knife, and you do not have to adjust with extremely special care or use any special tool to finish. 


On the new drum, the suction plate is made of composite ceramic matererial, which largely reduces the weight of the drum, effectively lightens the load on the gear and prolong the working life of it, thus the gear can work precisely. 


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