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HRA89 Tungsten Carbide Corrugated Paper Cutting Knives

HRA89 Tungsten Carbide Corrugated Paper Cutting Knives

Tungsten Carbide Paper Cutting Knives

HRA89 Paper Cutting Knives

Corrugated Paper Cutting Tungsten Carbide Knives

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Product Details
Tungsten Carbide
Mirror Finished
Apply To:
Fosber Machine
3200N/m M2
High Precision, High Hardness, Wear-resisting
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
USD 25~70/pc
Packaging Details
Inner packing: styrofoam box; outer packing: carton box
Delivery Time
2~40 business days
Payment Terms
T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram,PayPal
Supply Ability
10000pcs per month
Product Description

Corrugated Paper Manufacturing Machinery Corrugated Paper Knives
Tungsten carbide slitting knife for corrugated machine are made by high quality virgin tungsten carbide
powder and cobalt powder with powder metallurgy method. Compared with the traditional steel blade,
Our tungsten carbide blades have higher hardness (HRA 89 to 93) and wear resistance (3500 to 4000 Mpa).
In the past 20 years, our knives are widely used in BHS, Fosber, Marquip, Agnati, Mitshubishi, TCY, Justu,
K&H,...Machines. Our high-quality products and factory prices have won the vast domestic and foreign
markets for our distributors.
Our knives can help you with the bellow THREE ASPECTS:

  • Original Tungsten Carbide Material——>High Hardness——>Long Working Knife——>Reduce Machine Downtime——>Increase Production Efficiency
  • Ultra-Fine Material Particles & Special Sharpening Technology——>Burr-Free Cutting dge——>Burr-Free products——>Good Quality of Cutting Object
  • Blank Production Combined with Final Finishing——>Eliminate the Costs of Intermediate Links——>You Get Good Price——>Save Your Money

Corrugated Paper Knives Common Sizes: 

Model OD ID Thickness Number of holes Hole dia
Agnati 220 115 1.0 3 9.0
Agnati 240 115 1.0 3 9.0
Agnati 240 115 2.0 3 9.0
BHS 240 32 1.2 2 8.5
Fosber 230 110 1.1 6 9.0
Fosber 230 135 1.1 6 9.0
Fosber 291 203 1.1 6 8.5
Isowa 260 140 1.1 6 9.5
Marquip 260 168.3 1.2/1.3 8 10.5
Mitsubishi 280 202 1.4 6 7.6
Mitsubishi 280 160 1.1 6 7.6
Peters 250 150 0.8    
Peters 250 150 1.2    
TCY 300 112 1.2-1.5 6 12.0
Justu 200 122 1.2/1.3    
Kaituo 230 110 1.3/1.4    
Justo 260 158 1.4/1.5 8 11.0
Oranda 265 112 1.4    

Carbide Slitter Knives Display:  
HRA89 Tungsten Carbide Corrugated Paper Cutting Knives 0

HRA89 Tungsten Carbide Corrugated Paper Cutting Knives 1
Application of Cardboard Cutting Blades:
HRA89 Tungsten Carbide Corrugated Paper Cutting Knives 2
1. The short working life time of corrugated board knives.
Is the grain size of the grinding wheel proper?
Too coarse grain size of grinding wheel: make a short working life time of knives
2. The edges of corrugated boards cut by knives with burr and dent
Please check the cutting edge of your blade. Is the cutting edge keen enough
the corrugated board is too wet ?
3. Break of knife
1) Improper assembly will cause the quick break of blades. Any improper touch of the
blade is strictly prohibited during the working
2) Unstable swing grinding wheels break the knives, please check the bearing of
grinding wheels.
3) Improper touch or strike with other hard things
4) Accident collision of knives.
4. Chips on the cutting edge after the grinding
1) Unstable swing grinding wheels may cause this problem ,even break the knives
2) The strike of hard things may cause the chips on the cutting edge
5.The edge of corrugated board is not straight
Unmatched strength of knives for the corrugated board with high density

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