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Special Filter Rod Characteristic Tester Physical Measuring Inspection Equipment For Cigarette Capsule Heat-Not-Burn

Special Filter Rod Characteristic Tester Physical Measuring Inspection Equipment For Cigarette Capsule Heat-Not-Burn

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Product Details
Measuring And Testing Of The Physical Parameters Of Tobacco Products
Cigarette Products Manufacturers, Testing-certification Institutions, Laboratories
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Minimum Order Quantity
1 set
Packaging Details
wooden box
Delivery Time
2-4 months
Payment Terms
L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T
Supply Ability
5 sets/3 months
Product Description
Special Filter Rod Characteristic Tester, Model SFDI-A ,is an instrument for automatic measurement of characteristic parameters of special filter rod end face. The tester applies to all links in the special filter rod production, including on-line sampling inspection in production workshop, inspection and spot check of special rod samples in inspection stations and laboratories at all levels.
We supply physical characteristics testing instruments for tobacco industry. For example, the measuring and testing equipments for the bellow areas.
1. regular cigarette/filter rods
2. capsule cigarette/filter rods
3. heat-not-burn cigarettes
4. cigars
5. flavor capsules
We also can cater to your specific testing requirements and customized the tobacco insepction stations.



Special Filter Rod Characteristic Tester Physical Measuring Inspection Equipment For Cigarette Capsule Heat-Not-Burn 0


Features and functions for SFDI-A Special Filter Rod Characteristic Tester 


1. It applies to the detection of the section characteristics for various special filter rods, such as inner groove filter rods, outer groove filter rods, fragrance line filter rods, hollow tube filter rods, five-pointed star filter rods, square filter rods, hexagonal filter rods, panda-shaped filter rods, petal-shaped filter rods, heart-shaped filter rods and the like.

2. Measurement items: the groove depth, groove number and groove area ratio of groove filter rods; the position of the fragrance line and eccentricity of the fragrance line filter rod; the concentricity of concentric filter rods; characteristic parameters of filter rods with special shapes such as five-pointed star and square.

3. It can automatically cut at the designated position of filter rod, measure the cutting section, set and remember the cutting position.

4. It adopts the low-distortion, high-precision optical system and high-precision sensor to ensure the measurement accuracy.

5. It adopts the annular LED lighting, uniform and adjustable.

6. It provides fully automatic measurement. After the sample is put in, the whole process of feeding, cutting, measuring and unloading is automatically completed.

7. It adopts the accurate and efficient algorithm for calculation, the automatic image technology to process and store the measurement images.

8. Its measurement speed is fast, suitable for field, laboratory and other complex environments.

9. It provides data storage, statistics, reporting and printing functions.

10. It adopts the Siemens PLC system, with high reliability and strong anti-interference ability.

11. It adopts a new cutting method to improve cutting quality.


Main performance indicators


Sample length range 60 ~ 150mm
Sample circumference range 15.5 ~ 28mm
Measurement speed About 6 pcs/min
Resolution 0.008mm
Measurement accuracy (diameter) ±0.02mm
Repeatability error ≤0.02mm
Sample cutting range 28 ~ 75mm

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