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CWM-I Cigarette Density Weight and Moisture Distribution Characteristics Integrated

CWM-I Cigarette Density Weight and Moisture Distribution Characteristics Integrated

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Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 set
USD 50000~100000 per set
Packaging Details
wooden case
Delivery Time
1~2 month
Payment Terms
T/T, Western Union,PayPal
Supply Ability
50 sets per months
Product Description

Product introduction:


The CWM-I Cigarette Density Weight and Moisture Distribution Characteristics Integrated is used for the cigarette characteristic detection and analysis and uniformity pretreatment of test samples, which can automatically, rapidly, continuously and non-destructively sieve cigarettes by weight, moisture and density. The instrument ensures the accuracy of data acquisition by using imported precision electronic balance, high-precision microwave resonant cavity sensor, drawer-type sorting device and advanced automatic control system. At the same time, the instrument software has provided a variety of advanced matching algorithms, including sieving based on curve similarity, which can accurately screen out highly similar cigarette samples.


Performance and features: 


  1. It adopts imported precision electronic balance with high precision, high resolution, and high reliability.
  2. It adopts high-precision microwave resonant cavity sensor to measure the cigarette moisture and density (the minimum measuring unit is 1mm) without damaging the cigarette during the measurement process.
  3. It automatically measures and sieves the cigarettes without manual intervention, has high working speed, and ensures that the sorted cigarette filter rods are in the same direction.
  4. It adopts a large-capacity hopper to measure cigarettes with the same diameter and length, with automatic switching.
  5. The hopper has a movable flap to prevent sample confusion and can accommodate a variety of sample lengths.
  6. The falling height of the sample is small, and a slow-down device is arranged to prevent the tobacco shreds from falling off.
  7. It adopts a drawer-type sorting device and its 6 sorting boxes can be taken out separately, easy to recycle cigarettes.
  8. It adopts the floor case design, equipped with universal wheels for moving easily.
  9. It adopts a variety of advanced matching algorithms based on curve similarity to accurately screen cigarettes.
  10. It adopts 15-inch touch screen, based on Windows system, and Chinese graphical operation interface, easy to use.



Compared with the previous generation: 


The CTS-III Capsule Test Station is the newly-designed third generation of Capsule Test Station, which can automatically and efficiently complete feeding, measuring and cleaning, without manual duty. The newly-designed multiple hoppers can measure 4 batches of samples at one time, saving time for operators. The instrument adopts imported high-precision pressure sensor and tight pressure platform, adopts optimized measurement module and advanced data acquisition and control system, with higher detection precision, accuracy and reliability. It meets the strength detection requirements during the production, sampling and experimental research of capsules.



  • The instrument adopts the multi-hopper design, which can measure 4 batches of samples at a time; and it optimizes the hopper structure to reduce the probability of material jamming and blocking.
  • The instrument adopts a large-size touch screen, with the software interface optimization, more convenient.
  • The intensity calibration is optimized for easier operation, viewing and printing of calibration results.

Requirements for service environment:


Power supply



Operating ambient temperature


Recommended ambient temperature (22±2) ℃

Operating ambient humidity


Recommended ambient humidity (60±5)%RH

Air source


≥80L/min No water, no oil, no dust


Main performance indicators:


Cigarette length range

55 ~ 150mm

Cigarette diameter range

5.0 ~ 8.0mm

Weight measurement accuracy

0.001 g

Weight measurement range

0.4 ~ 2g

Weight resolution

0.001g or 0.0001g

Moisture measurement accuracy


Density measurement range

0 - 600mg/cm3

Density measurement accuracy


Number of sorting channels


Hopper capacity

≥700 pcs

Overall size

880x700x1400 mm



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