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FC-II Filter Rod Cutter

FC-II Filter Rod Cutter

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Product Details
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 set
USD 50000~100000 per set
Packaging Details
wooden case
Delivery Time
1~2 month
Payment Terms
T/T, Western Union,PayPal
Supply Ability
50 sets per months
Product Description

Product introduction:


The FC-II Filter Rod Cutter is an auxiliary production device to cut the filter rod in sections by using an adjustable speed motor to rotate the round blade. It is suitable for observing the characteristics of the section at a certain position of the sample after sectioning on the production site and in the quality inspection process. It also applies to the secondary section machining of the filter rod. During the use, put the sample in the hopper and adjust the cutting position. Press the start button and the Filter Rod Cutter will run automatically, and then the segmented sample will fall into the receiving box below. You can start or end the machine just by pressing the button. The operation is simple and convenient.


Performance and features: 


  1. It is used for cutting the filter rod into two, or any segments (to be customized).
  2. It occupies a small area with stable performance, simple and convenient to operate.
  3. Start or end the machine just by pressing the button, simple and convenient.
  4. Batch cutting, fast working speed.
  5. The cutter is hidden inside the machine, so there is no potential safety hazard, and it can be placed on the production site for work.
  6. The machine is safe with emergency stop button and automatic shutdown function when opening the door.
  7. The sample cross section after cutting is flat.
  8. It is suitable for cutting acetate fiber filter rods, polypropylene fiber filter rods, and polylactic acid fiber filter rods.
  9. It adopts an advanced design integrating feeding, cutting and separation.
  10. It is compatible with a number of filter rod lengths, and the section length can be adjusted.
  11. It can increase large-capacity hoppers for continuous operation.
  12. It cuts the samples through the positioning of two base surfaces to get accurate cutting length, with good repeatability and stable performance.
  13. It adopts the adjustable high-speed motor to drive the blade, so that the cutting end surface is flat and does not deform, which is convenient for the research on the section characteristics of the sample.


Working principle:


The FC-II Filter Rod Cutter adopts grooved-wheel feeding mechanism for continuous feeding and slitting. The positioning of two base surfaces ensures accurate cutting length. Adjust the position of both base surfaces to set the cutting length.



Requirements for service environment:


Power supply



Operating ambient temperature


Recommended ambient temperature (22±2) ℃

Operating ambient humidity


Recommended ambient humidity (60±5)%RH


Main performance indicators:


Applicable sample types

Acetate fiber filter rod, polypropylene fiber filter rod, polylactic acid fiber filter rod, etc.

Sample circumference range

24~26 mm (customized for other specifications)

Sample length range

60 ~ 150 mm

Minimum cutting speed

150 pcs/min

Cut-off mode

Cut the filter rod into 4 or 6 sections as required.

Cut-off position error


Cut-off position adjustment mode


Feeding and discharging mode


Operating mode

Automatic operation with one key

Hopper capacity

200 pcs

Cut-off position range

Filter rod position 30 ~ 75mm

Cut-off position error


Cutter speed


Blade specification


Overall size


Weight 40KG



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